About Us!

Summer Investor Team:
The Facebook generation is spending a summer investing at Kapitall!

The Summer Investor team goal is to make Kapitall your investment tool of choice. Some of us are in Seattle, some in New York City, and we’re openly sharing our trials and errors to help you move directly toward your savings goals. Since most of us are at the beginning of our investing careers and have a passion for finance, we tend to post about how to get started in the world of investing. Play along in our portfolio contests with virtual money, learn from experts like our mentor David Neubert, and meet others with similar goals! Follow us on Twitter at @summerinvestor.

Sugar Byambasuren:
Hey Everyone!!! My name is Sugarsuren Byambasuren or SUGAR for short. I am recent high school Grad who is looking forward to my next adventures in College. During my transition, I got an extraordinary opportunity to become Summer Investor at KAPITALL where I am focusing to build strong community for KAPITALL through use of social media on the Internet such as this Blog, Facebook Fan/Group pages and twitter. Since I recently graduated from high school, this has been a great learning experience. I am learning much about the Stock Market and it’s functions. Follow me as I learn and experiment my way through the Stock Market.

Rosie Rothrock:
I am a recent college graduate from Santa Clara University, a New York newbie, and a summer investor at Kapitall.  As I’ve found myself in the market for friends here, I’ve also found myself simultaneously discovering the financial market as I’ve spent the my days at Kapitall exploring Kapitall’s site, and hopefully improving my own shameful financial literacy.   My focus at Kapitall is on community building and outreach through marketing and shameless social networking.  In my free time however, I also enjoy bad karaoke, hula hooping, anything I can dance to, thai food, otter pops and a good dose of sunshine. Read on Kapitallists- this team is a hoot!

Danny Guttridge:
I am originally from the Bay Area of California, but now I am living in Seattle and loving it. Currently, I am working on the Summer Investor team for Kapitall, where I focus on shamelessly expanding the social aspect of the site and introducing new users. I've also been writing on the Summer Investor blog and sharing what I've been learning from David Neubert. I am a Finance major at Seattle Pacific University, and I hope to go into the investment banking industry after I finish my schooling. I have a year of unsuccessful trading under my belt, and with nothing to show for it. My goal is to take what I learn here and apply it to my trading and investing to hopefully end up on top!

Jenny Bradbury:
I'm a West Seattleite, experienced IT manager, and a student of social media. Kapitall invited me to join the Summer Investor Team, where I focus on introducing Kapitall to customers like myself, less sophisticated investors in the middle of their careers.  My favorite part of the job is watching my virtual investments grow, and trading with David Neubert’s money in our Summer Investor portfolio.  At Kapitall I’m known for hammering on the tool and sending lots of feedback to our developers.  I’m here to help if you have any feedback about Kapitall or ideas about introducing it to the world. Thanks for coming on this ride with me!

Jason Diemer:
I am a Summer Investor for KAPITALL, and loving every minute of it. I'm a new investor, and learning new things every day that will help me in my immediate and long term investing future. In addition to making investment strides, perks include: the 38th floor of the Columbia Tower, working with the smartest Summer Investors, getting advice from gurus David Neubert and Stephan Roche, and the overall good feeling of being productive. Plus, I like to think I'm helping people. I also have a significant interest in Seattle Sports, and work for the Seattle Mariners when they're in town. I'd like to thank in advance my family for raising a rebel like me, the lovely lady for all the support, and all the readers of the blog - you are welcomed with open arms, and a Kapitall endorsement.