Monday, August 9, 2010

How to start on Kapitall in 15 minutes or less

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I know a majority of Kapitall's newest users are pressed for time and maybe you're also newer to investing. Are you having fun yet? Here are three steps that will introduce you to the best Kapitall has to offer, in 15 minutes or less.

1) Sign up on
2) That took 2 minutes. Now take the Investor DNA quiz for insight into your investing preferences, and see who matches your DNA on Kapitall. Clock is at 5 minutes.
3) Join our portfolio contest. This entails opening a virtual portfolio with $10K play money (1 minute). On Wednesday this week, choose a few stocks (5 minutes) and win an iPod Touch 32G if your portfolio performs best among other players over the next 2 weeks. More details here. You have two weeks to make unlimited trades and change your original choices as you wish.

That took 13 minutes! Note that exploring Kapitall is addictive and I'm not responsible for the additional time you spend getting news and following the inevitable emotional rollercoaster. Now you can pat yourself on the back for beating expectations.

Good luck in the contest!

-Jenny Bradbury

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